Biomed and medical equipment compliance.

Biomed Equipment Compliance


Many federal and state regulatory such as the FDA and OSHA require annual inspections of medical equipment that comes in contact with patients in order to prevent injury or misdiagnosis. In addition to remaining compliant with these agencies, annual maintenance that is recommended by the manufacturer can extend the life of your medical equipment, eliminating the need for frequent replacement or unexpected service.


Regulation Compliance

OMI MedTech will partner with your facility to ensure life saving equipment is properly maintained to meet all federal, state, and local requirements by maintaining records in our computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software. We do this by following all OEM recommendations and documenting in our CMMS software and in writing upon request.

Equipment PM Services

Regular Preventative Maintenance inspections are not just about extending the life of your equipment and protecting your investment, they are also required by the FDA and joint commission. Maintaining PM intervals keeps systems calibrated to OEM specs and working to peak performance. Our PMs are performed to OEM specs and will keep your facility in compliance. 

Safety Inspections and asset tagging

When we start to maintain your medical equipment we begin by completing medical equipment initial checks. These checks allow us to perform electrical safety tests in accordance with NFPA 99 -2012: 10.3 testing requirements. We also tag all assets and load equipment into our CMMS. We then continue to perform the required safety inspections and maintain current asset tags. 

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