FSN Surgical Displays

OMI MedTech Authorized Supplier

FSN 27" 4K Medical Monitor

These 27” 4K displays feature signal input options for HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort, and optional SDI configurations, plus DC out power for smaller components. With a slim, sleek flushfront glass bezel, the FM-B2702D series displays crystal clear 4K images, and easily mounts to boom arm or cart systems.

FSN 27" 4K Medical Monitor

Experience the next level of surgical visualization. These monitors present highly detailed 4K surgical images, offers the ultimate in signal connectivity, and mount to boom arm systems found in the OR.

FSN 31.5" 4K Medical Monitor

FS-P3102D, FS-P3102DS are 31.5" 4K surgical display monitors that allow clinicians to view intricate hand movements on-screen, and control medical visual content with pinpoint accuracy. These monitors can fine-tune surgical color and layout settings to individual preferences.

FSN 32" 4K Medical Monitor

The 4K UHD technology found in FM-E3203D series monitors produces ultra-sharp picture clarity and high levels of detail. This greatly enhances images from endoscopic camera systems.

FSN 55" 4K UHD Medical Monitor

FM-A5504D series delivers ultra-sharp picture clarity with maximum viewing angles, allowing several clinicians to view high levels of detail without loss of image quality or distortion. Its ultra-high resolution greatly enhances images from endoscopic camera systems.

FSN 55"4K UHD Medical Monitor

FM-C5501DV accurately presents recessed surgical site anatomy on a big screen. Multi-display technology allows for windowing options using picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture layouts. Features include dual link DVI.

FSN 58" 4K UHD Medical Monitor

FM-D5801DV, our largest display, can handle a vast array of tasks in the OR including endoscopic procedures, patient monitoring, X-ray images, and ultrasound.